Frequently Asked Questions

How is spark different from Wordpress or other website builders?

Spark is a premium hosted marketing CMS designed to give modern marketing teams full control over their marketing stack. It includes websites, landing pages, blogging and syndication, third party integrations, hosting, security, and more. Our world class product team is team stays focused on creating a user experience like no other while our engineering team focuses on delivering performance that won't find with Wordpress or other entry level site builders.

I already have a marketing site. What is the best way to move it to Spark?

Spark's team will provide a complimentary site migration when you upgrade to a professional plan. Migrations from Wordpress and other entry level site builders typically take a couple days to complete. More complex migrations from custom sites or clunky enterprise systems may take up to two weeks to migrate.

Can I use a CRM like Salesforce or Hubspot with Spark CMS?

Yes. Spark currently has an integration with Hubspot and will be releasing an integration for Salesforce in Q1 2019. To activate Hubspot CRM, simply go to your integrations page and add your portal ID. 

I need help getting my design off the ground, can Spark help?

Spark gives you all of the tools out of the box to build a marketing site and content that looks professional and unique. As a starting point we recommend customizing your Spark starter kit pages and global elements. If you still need help, we have your back. All Professional Plan users get access to our design and marketing team to ensure you are getting the most out of Spark. You can reach us at

Does Spark have SEO tools built in?

Spark is designed to give you the best in SEO. Spark pages are rendered with beautiful semantic markup and all the page level inputs you need to optimize your content for discoverability. Activating your Google Analytics integration will also allow you to activate Google webmaster tools where you can submit the dynamic XML site map that Spark creates and updates automatically.

Can I build landing pages with Spark?

Spark allows you to build beautiful landing pages that are design to capture leads and pipe them right into your CRM of choice. We currently support Hubspot and will be adding Salesforce and others in the coming months.

How much does Spark cost to use?

Spark is 100% free to use. For custom domains and design and marketing support we offer a $100/month Professional Tier.

Can I cancel my subscription to Spark?

You can cancel any time. Just email us at

I have my web application on my root domain, can I use Spark?

Spark currently requires users to host their web applications on a subdomain, for example We believe this is a good practice for companies to adhere to as it tends to help marketing teams be more effective with control over user facing marketing infrastructure and allows the engineering team to worry less about managing marketing assets.